Documented Life     Ancestors - Troper and Hochstein Genealogies

The Ancestors of Leora Troper (grandmother)

Chaya (Laske) Troper

b. circa 1899 in Poland, migrated to Israel before age of 2, d. Jan 15 1985

Daughter of Chana and Shmuel Laske.

Sister of unknown siblings.

Husband of Moshe Troper

Mother of Chana, Mordechai and Shmuel.

Grandmother of Jonathan, Leora, Michael, and in Israel, Danni Peleg and Illana Pshemislav

Brief Life History

Born in Warsaw Poland.

Parents migrated to Palestine with her when she was two years old.

Raised in a religious home in Petach Tikva, she married a secular young man, Moshe Troper.

She raised 3 children, Chana, Mordechai and Shmuel in the poverty of 1930s and 1940s Palestine.

Died in 1985 in Petach Tikva, much loved by her children and grandchildren.

Above: Chaya and Moshe Troper in their youth

Above and right: Chaya Troper with her daughter-in-law Judith Miller Troper, and grandson Jonathan, in 1963, when visiting Los Angeles on the occasion of Leora's birth.